Healthy Pet Food and The Truth: 7 Worst Dog Food Brands To Feed Your Dogs

From the desk of Sharda Baker.


Hi and welcome everyone!

This is sharda with another healthy pet food newsletter update or should I say unhealthy pet food update?

I have actually been thinking of doing a newsletter like this before but I wanted to get more material that I can use to help tell everyone about these terrible dog food brands.

Now, Iím glad to tell you that I have collected enough materials to name names and point fingers.

Yes, in this newsletter I WILL name dog food brand names that you really need to avoid and why these dog food brands are one of the worst that you can possibly feed your dog.

I am doing this now because I believe that it is easier to avoid the bad dog food brands rather than look for good dog food and the worst thing about this?

There are times when our own vet doesnít even know that the dog food brand theyíre referring is actually bad for our dogs. Ironic isnít it?

So without further ado letís start and discuss about the worst dog food brands that we can feed our dogs.


Before I show you the names, I just want to tell you that these pet foods that I will be mentioning below have a few things in common in terms of ingredients and their companies. The first thing to note is that these pet foods all have CORN and OTHER GLUTEN ingredients in them that can cause dog allergies for some dogs.

But to tell you honestly, corn and gluten isnít actually bad for your dogs they have good nutritional value but our canine buddies canít actually digest these ingredients so theyíre do not give our dogs any nutritional value whatsoever so feeding your dog these types of dog food is equivalent to feeding your dog air.

And whatís worse is that these ingredients, as I have mentioned above, can cause dog allergies. A condition that canít be cured.

So, I think you will agree with me when I say that itís better to prevent dog allergies rather than cure them and spend twice when you could have spent half just by buying a healthy pet food for your buddy.

Another thing that these dog food brands have in common is the fact that theyíre handled by big time companies like, P & G, Nestle, etc.

Itís such a shame that these dog food companies have to resort to degrading the quality of their product just to gain more.

Hereís a fun fact, Iím sure youíve all heard of the pet food called IAMS right?

To tell you frankly IAMS is one of the worst dog food brands in my list but IAMS was actually a good high quality dog food brand before. Well, before P & G bought the company that is.

You may be thinking, ďso what went wrong Sharda?Ē

Well, the truth is that the original owner of IAMS was Mr. Paul Iams. Mr. Iams used high quality ingredients for his pet food brand and he never used cheap dog food ingredients just to make a profit which is one of the reasons why this dog food is so popular to date.

But then tragedy strikes and Mr. Paul Iams got sick in 1999 so he had to sell his company to the highest bidder which was P & G and thatís when IAMS started to go downhill.

They focused on marketing the pet food rather than concentrate on keeping the original high quality ingredient that it had. One of the things that really saddens me is that, this company is a big company and I believe they can afford to cough up the money to spend on high quality products that can continue what Mr. Paul Iams started.

Oh yeah! Another thing about P & G, they also own the EUKANUBA dog food brand which is also in my list of the worst dog foods.

I know you may be thinking that I got a bit caught up with the whole P & G company but itís only because that they reduced one of the most loved and respected dog food into a pile of garbage that has cute commercials.

Really disheartening right?

Also, here are some of the ingredients that some of the pet food that I listed use;

  • BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytolulene) which is known to cause liver and kidney problems
  • Ethoxyquin which is one of the ingredients that is suspected to cause cancer.
  • Propylene glycol is an ingredient that can causes problems for our dogís red blood cells.

So, with that out of the way I now present you with my 7 WORST DOG FOOD LIST;

  • Beneful Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Dog Food
  • IAMS Dog Food
  • Alpo Dog Food
  • Pedigree Dog Food
  • Kibbles 'n Bits
  • Purina One

Remember everyone that what we feed our dog really makes a difference if you can help it I believe that good dog food is something that we can make in our kitchens. All natural dog food doesnít have to be as expensive as other dog food companies want us to think.

I really hope that you learned a lot from this healthy pet food newsletter update.

All the best and take care